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With the growth in the worldwide population, the is an increased demand being placed on Supply Chain companies.  Barrdega is located in Panamá we offer our RFID services from Chiriquí to Panama City.

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RFID Developed in Panamá

Barrdega has a long history with logistics systems in Panamá, Mexico and the USA. Our love for the industry has brought us to be pioneers in the RFID industry. With our award winning , Zebra Validated RFID inventory management system, we bring RFID to reality. At Barrdega we do not offer just hardware we offer solutions. From Fixed Assets to Inventory Barrdega is a leader in the supply chain industry in the Americas.  

Barrdega located in Panama City, Panamá is experts in RFID Systems, made up of engineers from different disciplines to develop solutions tailored to your needs. Our knowledge in Radio Frequency, Electronics, Automation, Design and Software Development, allows us to integrate functional solutions, of excellent quality and with cutting-edge technology, that allow you to make your processes more efficient, resulting in savings of great value for your company. Need help in Chiriquí we are only a phone call away!

RFID Fixed Assets

Need an easy yet effective method to manage your fixed assets? Ask us for a free demonstration, and we will show you our flagship Fixed Asset software. 

RFID Technology for Inventory Management

B1-RFID Inventory Panamá

The application of RFID technology in enterprises has been paid more and more attention in the last 3 years. Leaders gradually realize that through RFID technology, they can control the supply chain and improve its effectiveness. What’s more, reduce the loss of goods in stock.

The effectiveness of the RFID technology application for inventory management can be 2 points:

1, Fast, fast logistics efficiency, delivery goods, improve logistics operation;

2, Accurate data collection in all aspects of logistics management.

In this article, we will introduce the Barrdega B-RFID Inventory Management application for warehouse management.

This system uses RFID to track units, boxes, container, and Pallet. And integrates advanced RFID data collection.

In this way, we can improve the efficiency of logistics management and reduce cost.

Introduction of RFID technology


(Radio Frequency Identification, short for RFID) , commonly known as RFID tags, are widely used in asset, personnel, supply chain, and appliance management fields.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a non-contact automatic identification technology. UHF RFID technology can be long-distance identification of high-speed moving objects and can identify multiple tags at the same time, easy to operate.

The basic RFID application system consists of three parts:


The coupling component and chip, each tag has a unique number, attached to the Object identification object.

RFID Reader

A device for reading (and sometimes writing) tag information that can be designed to be handheld or stationary.


Acts as an intermediary between RFID tags and application systems, It’s software that streams data in and out of applications and readers.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is considered as one of the most promising information technologies in the 21st century. RFID technology has been applied in a wide range of fields, a high degree of automation, and gradually internationalization and popularization.

Such as personnel management, vehicle management, asset management, production process management, logistics management, cargo tracking management.

The core of the technology is to make people, vehicle, or goods can be recognized by the system. Through the management of the target and the related information, to achieve efficient and scientific management purposes.



In the application of RFID technology for inventory management, we need to solve two problems. One is standardizing the storage management process, the second is improving efficiency.

Specifically as following:

Warehouse Management With RFID Tags to identify the Pallet, forklift, units , boxes and container;

When receiving the goods, should compare the information on the pallet and the loaded goods to confirm the reception of the products is correct.

Through intelligent RFID handheld reader, collect the data of receiving and delivery of the information to your database.

Through the RFID Mobile System, to achieve count in and out of storage, verification, and inventory automatic update.

RFID Tags for management main in three types:

RFID asset management tags for a pallet, RFID tags for a container, RFID anti-metal tags for the forklift.

Pallet RFID Tag

There are many different types of RFID tags for a pallet, mainly is made of plastic material, also some prefer to RFID paper sticker.

Printing methods, thermal printing bar code on the surface of the RFID asset tag or encoding in the IC. For RFID paper sticker, can use thermal transfer or direct thermal printing.

Container RFID Tags normally use RFID seal or RFID anti-metal tags.

Forklift truck tags are mounted on the forklift truck at a specific location and require a metal resistant tag. Fixed installation, a label can be fixed and installed directly or Zebra back glue pasted on the forklift.

In storage

Receiving the goods and checking with the data file of the RFID tag on the truck. Then confirm and recording in the system.

After receiving the goods need put on the RFID labeled pallet. Take out a pallet at random, then encode related logistic number in the RFID tag on the pallet. Out of question, the function of those numbers is customized by software. Just scan the tag, you can know every detail about the items on this pallet. No need to open every carton to check them out.

Warehousing confirm

When transferring those pallets into the warehouse, the terminal on the forklift can read the tag on the pallet, through WiFi to transfer the data to the system. At the same time, another fixed RFID reader installed at the gate. When pallets pass through, double-checking the information is correct or not comparing with the RFID reader on the forklift. In this way, avoiding mistakes.


After picking the items to send out on a sales order , the warehouse worker will use the handheld RFID reader to check the information on the pallet. Send the details to the system, mark it Exiting-Warehouse.

When forklift takes the pallet out of the warehouse, the fixed RFID reader at the side of the gate recognizes RFID tags on the pallet. At the same time check it and send the data to the system. If there is no problem, then a  confirmation of picking is recorded.


Before sending the goods into the container, the reader on the forklift need get the data of the RFID tag on the container, only matched, items can be sent into a specific container thus avoiding mix ups.

During the transferring by human beings, workers will use the handheld reader to the last confirmation the product is in the correct container.

After finished all the process, and all information is correct, workers will confirm. 

If the items transfer with carton one by one, it’s better to use RFID handhold read to check every detail instead of a fixed one.

B1-RFID Inventory Management System is Zebra Validated! Hardware by Zebra Software by Barrdega!

B1-RFID Inventory Management System is Zebra Validated! Hardware by Zebra Software by Barrdega!

Livestock Control


RFID for Animals

RFID technology provides a very useful tool to gather cattle more efficiently. With the help of antennas you can quickly count the heads of cattle that are in a specific pen.

It also has the necessary tools to manage food and water and to monitor the health of each animal. This way you can know if the animal has already taken its ration and have a vaccination control and visits by the veterinarian. The system helps farms meet the strictest meat quality requirements (NLIS), where it is specified that the traceability of cattle must be taken from birth to death for the safety of their meat. From Panamá to Chiriquí Barrdega is the leading RFID solution provider in panama.

The system is scalable and configurable to all needs, so that it adapts to the scope that the client requires.

RFID Fixed Assets


Take inventory of your Assets by pre-loading your Database and obtaining the differences that exist in each Cost Center, Branch or Warehouse. Export your results to Excel and keep track of the status of all assets in your company.

It allows you to upload the Fixed Asset Database or products from your ERP or software to the RFID platform.

Take inventory by branch, warehouse or by employee responsible for the asset.

  • Detects Assets or Products, missing, leftovers, and outside your area.
  • Export the Inventory Reports to Excel and upload them to your ERP or Administration software.
  • Search for assets with the "Radar" functionality.
  • It takes control of all the assets in the PC software such as: status, location, responsible, description, serial number, brand, model, asset number, transfers between branches, type of asset and depreciation.
  • Optimization of inventory time thanks to RFID read speed.
  • From Panama City to Chiriquí we service all of Panamá

Do you want to add functionality to the software? We develop the software here in Panamá so we can customize it to your specific needs.




Validate shipments entry and / or exit pallet by platform, comparing the contents of boxes that these contain against the Purchase Order, Distribution List or Advance Shipping Notice.

  • Designed for the entry and exit docks of Distribution Centers and shipping or reception areas in general.
  • Its Industrial Touchscreen PC and specialized software helps you load and manage orders, customers and suppliers.
  • The software can be linked to any ERP or Database system to exchange information.
  • It has sensors for the detection of Forklifts or Skates and start reading automatically, Printer for printing shipping labels and traffic light signaling reading status.
  • Signal Attenuation System to avoid readings in unwanted areas.

The Portal can be tailored to your needs.

RFID team backed by Zebra.

Barrdega is located in Panamá we offer our RFID services from Chiriquí to Panama City.