Barrdega Solutions Panama

3PL Inventory Audit

Do you want to double check your 3PL providers inventory? Barrdega has created a simple to use, powerful application to give you the information you need to audit your 3PL provider.

Retail Shelf Labeling

Retail labeling is always complex and often has many errors resulting in bad information for your clients. With the Barrdega Retail labeling solution we eliminate 99% of the human errors. 


Need a way to intelligently manage your inventory? With Barrdega we offer our iWMS product with RFID or without RFID. Also we fully support 3PL operations.  

RFID Inventory

Need a full RFID solution to manage your inventory? At Barrdega we have a streamlined RFID Inventory management system, less costly than a full WMS yet very powerful.

RFID Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets are difficult as you need to scan thousands of barcodes to take a complete count of your fixed assets. At Barrdega we offer a complete Fixed Assets RFID solution. Take a full count in minutes not  weeks.

Custom Apps

Need something special just for your company, at Barrdega we are experts at building business applications. 


Barrdega P4W Inventory management system. Designed and Developed by warehouse professionals. P4W utilizes modern technology, with best practices integrated into the system. P4W is more than a WMS, BI is built right into the product as well as proof of delivery and route planning. 

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