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Compact, Easy-to-Use Printers for Every Application

Elevate your business to new heights with Star Point of Sale desktop printers, where a sleek design seamlessly integrates with operational simplicity, delivering the durability and reliability your business rightfully deserves. Our range of Star printers caters to every budget, ensuring that you never have to sacrifice performance for cost savings.

Uncover the optimal solution for all your receipt printing applications. Whether you seek a dependable option for daily transactions or a high-performance model to meet the rigorous demands of your business, Star provides a comprehensive selection to suit your specific needs.

Effortlessly streamline your operations with printers designed not only to meet but surpass your expectations. Our compact, user-friendly models are crafted to endure, making Star Point of Sale desktop printers the preferred choice for businesses that demand efficiency without compromising on quality. Opt for Star and experience a seamless printing journey perfectly aligned with the unique requirements of your business.

mC-Print2 Thermal Printer

The mC-Print2 is the smaller printer in the mCollection®. Perfect for minimizing counter space while optimizing functionality. With a square footprint of only 96 x 115 x 100 mm, Star’s smallest desktop printer is 60% smaller than the TSP100III. 

mC-Print3 Thermal Receipt Printer

Compact and Sleek Design
The mC-Print3 is the mCollection‘s 3-inch POS receipt printer. Star’s compact mC-Print3 is 40% smaller than the TSP654II. The mC-Print3 provides an IPX2-rated splash-proof design, as well as front-load paper loading with exceptional functionality. This 3-inch thermal printer offers multiple connectivity options including USB, Lightning, Bluetooth, WLAN, LAN, and CloudPRNT/WebPRNT with SteadyLAN® technology.

TSP143IV Thermal Printer

Compact and Connected

With a modern, compact design, the TSP143IV series thermal printer boasts a 20% smaller footprint than its predecessor, the TSP143III. This future-proof printing solution provides maximum flexibility when connecting to any network with added features like support for the Android Open Accessory (AOA) protocol (TSP143IVUE) or WLAN capability with a dual-band wireless connection

The P4 Books Cloud Accounting system seamlessly integrates with Star Micronics printers to elevate the Point of Sale (POS) experience to new heights. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of Star Micronics, P4 Books ensures swift and efficient printing of receipts and transaction details, enhancing the overall efficiency of the accounting process. The reliability and precision of Star Micronics printers contribute to a streamlined POS system, allowing businesses utilizing P4 Books to deliver prompt and accurate receipts to customers. This strategic integration not only facilitates smooth transactions but also reflects a commitment to providing businesses with a powerful and comprehensive accounting solution, combining the strengths of P4 Books with the exceptional performance of Star Micronics printers.

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