Complete Inventory Solutions

Turn Key Solutions

At Barrdega we offer turn key solutions for your inventory management, with more than 29 years of experience we implement some of the best inventory management systems around. For our smaller to mid size clients we offer Intellitrack  Inventory and Fixed Asset management. For larger clients we implement Highjump Warehouse Edge. If you want cutting edge logistics management then we implement our award winning RFID inventory management system.  Not matter the size or complexity Barrdega has the experience to help you get your inventory management under control.


Turn Key?

Start with the plan

The first step is to work with you and your team to develop a plan and then execute the plan to bring the project to a successful completion. 

Need WiFi

If your plan requires WiFi, then we have you covered! Barrdega represents the Ruckus Wireless brand in Panama. As with all of our solutions we spent a considerable amount of time to be sure we offer the best WiFi available on the market. 


Depending on your needs and requirements, Barrdega will help you select the software that meets your needs.  We have clients from 1 user to 1,000 users, we have the software knowledge to help you select the right software for your operation. 


If your plan includes infrastructure, Barrdega offers a full line of Dell / EMC products. From Servers and Storage to laptops. Need office365 to go along with your hardware? We have you covered no worries!

Barcode /RFID hardware

Barcode hardware is the backbone of modern day logistics systems. At Barrdega we are "double" partners with Zebra. 

  1.  We are Selling partners so we can get you what you need when you need it. 
  2.  We are ISV partners so we get the Zebra inside scoop on developing our software specifically for the Zebra hardware. This allows use to leverage the full functionality of Zebra devices. 

Best Practices

Barrdega has spent the last 29 years honing our skills in the logistics sector. We implement best practices and train your team how to execute these processes to keep accurate inventory and to increase the profitability of ever product.