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P4 Books is teacher friendly

Barrdega aims to simplify the classroom tasks. P4 Books, the teacher-friendly system, streamlines the process by allowing educators to create a template classes. At the start of each new class, teachers can effortlessly clone the class from the template, making the teaching experience more efficient and time-saving.

Remote Learning

Barrdega introduces P4 Books, an innovative cloud-based application that grants access anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Join the realm of remote learning and embrace the convenience of P4 Books’ native cloud functionality.

P4 Books School Edition

P4 Software – Cloud Solutions is proud to present P4 Books School Edition, a highly valuable resource for educational institutions looking to offer an exceptional accounting program. With its customizable features, P4 Books School Edition can be tailored to the specific needs of secondary schools, colleges and universities. Trust P4 Software – Cloud Solutions for cloud-based solutions that enhance the learning experience.

Design to make in class and remote learning easy, P4 Books is a comprehensive accounting system tailored for distribution companies. With a focus on simplifying the learning process, Barrdega's P4 Books provides a user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates in-person and virtual educational environments.

P4 Books with P4 Warehouse

By connecting P4 Books with P4 Warehouse, accounting students can engage with their logistics peers, fostering a dynamic experience that mirrors real-world scenarios. This integration offers students a broader perspective and a deeper grasp of the challenges prevalent in the business environment. Through the utilization of P4 Software – Cloud Solutions, students gain enhanced visualization and comprehension of how these situations unfold in practice, equipping them optimally for their professional endeavors. Join Barrdega and unlock the potential of this immersive learning experience. Expand your horizons, develop a comprehensive understanding, and prepare yourself for success in the accounting industry. With Barrdega, you have the opportunity to connect with fellow students, explore realistic scenarios, and master the complexities of the business world. Maximize your potential with our cutting-edge P4 Books and P4 Warehouse integration, complemented by the advanced features of P4 Software – Cloud Solutions. Gain a competitive edge and thrive in your future endeavors by joining Barrdega today.

Study Accounting

Study Accounting. Empower educators to effectively teach accounting with Barrdega’s cloud-based educational version of P4 Books. Our innovative solution ensures that teachers take pride in their work and make a positive impact on their students. With Barrdega, teachers confidently navigate the intricacies of accounting, delivering compelling lessons that leave a lasting impression. Discover the transformative power of our educational platform at Barrdega and revolutionize your accounting instruction today. Take your accounting education to new heights with Barrdega’s cloud-based educational edition of P4 Books. Our groundbreaking solution empowers educators to inspire their students through effective teaching techniques. With Barrdega’s user-friendly platform, instructors can easily navigate the complex concepts of accounting and convey them in captivating lessons. Join us in revolutionizing accounting education and experience the remarkable difference of Barrdega’s transformative approach.

Technical advantages

Barrdega offers the convenience of cloud-based access for teachers, allowing them to connect to the platform from any location with internet access. With P4 Books for class cloning, teachers can save countless hours by creating a template for each class and easily cloning new classes from it. This efficient feature eliminates the need to manually recreate class structures for every new group of students. Additionally, students have the flexibility to work remotely, enabling them to engage with their coursework from anywhere. Experience the technical advantages of Barrdega, enhanced by the seamless integration of P4 Books’ cloud-based functionality, class cloning capabilities, and remote accessibility for students.


Barrdega, in partnership with INADEH Panamá’s leading trade school, is at the forefront of revolutionizing logistics education. Through our innovative classes and hands-on experience with P4 Warehouse, students are equipped with invaluable real-world skills that set them apart in the industry. Join us as we redefine the standards of logistics education and unlock endless opportunities for your future.

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