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Star Cash Drawers

Quality built, Easy-to-Use Cash Drawers

Experience seamless transactions with Barrdega! We’ve partnered with Star Cash Drawers to bring you top-notch Point of Sale hardware. Elevate your business efficiency and customer service with our reliable and advanced POS solutions. Explore the power of partnership at Barrdega for a cutting-edge retail experience.

Value Cash Drawers – CD3

The Value Series includes cost-effective USB cash drawers that integrate seamlessly into any retail or hospitality environment.

  • Standard printer communication interface
  • Printer- or USB-driven
  • Bottom exit cable is hidden from the customer’s view
  • Four lock functions: locked-closed, online (opens electronically), manual open, and locked-open.

Choice Cash Drawers – CD4

Choice Series cash drawers include features businesses already know and love, but with added benefits.

  • Reinforced steel beam along the top for extra strength to support touch tablets and POS terminals
  • A secure dual-drawer cable enables the Choice Series to work as either cash drawer 1 or cash drawer 2
  • A foldable hinged key minimizes the possibility of breaking off in the lock
    Over 10 different lock set options for added security

Max Cash Drawers – SMD2

Max Series cash drawers are the premier choice for retailers and restaurateurs.

  • High-quality drawers with Kensington lock compatibility
  • Printer- or USB-driven
  • Sleek Star branding delivers a modern, professional look
  • Four lock functions: locked-closed, online (opens electronically), manual open, and locked-open

The P4 Books Cloud Accounting system seamlessly integrates with Star Micronics printers to elevate the Point of Sale (POS) experience to new heights. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of Star Micronics, P4 Books ensures swift and efficient printing of receipts and transaction details, enhancing the overall efficiency of the accounting process. The reliability and precision of Star Micronics printers contribute to a streamlined POS system, allowing businesses utilizing P4 Books to deliver prompt and accurate receipts to customers. This strategic integration not only facilitates smooth transactions but also reflects a commitment to providing businesses with a powerful and comprehensive accounting solution, combining the strengths of P4 Books with the exceptional performance of Star Micronics printers.

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