More than 30 years of experience

Warehouse Managment System

Flexibility for your Business

  • Single Company (single or multiple warehouses)
  • Multi Company (single or multiple warehouses)
  • 3PL (single or multiple Warehouses)

P4 Warehouse is designed from the start with these three different distinct business models in mind. All variations of these 3 models are supported. No matter the complexity of your operation P4 Warehouse can help you get your logistics company accurate and error free, as well as your customer satisfaction level will rise rapidly. 3PL Cloud Based WMS Software


Build a 3PL that customers love. Let us handle the technology so you can focus on delivering excellent service for your customers whatever, wherever, and however they sell. Provide your customers with all the tools they need to grow, so you can grow and scale together.
• Get customers up and running quickly with pre-builtintegrationsto systems they’re already using.
• Help your customers make better business decisions with inventory-driven data and custom reporting.
• Gain access to unlimited P4 Warehouse Support to provide you and your customers with expert help and best practices.

3PL Integrated Billing

Barrdega offers an intuitive Billing solution that empowers 3PLs with multiple customers to uncover hidden operational costs and boost profits in their warehouses. With our efficient system, you can drastically reduce billing time from weeks to hours and generate invoices within minutes. Enjoy the convenience of sending invoices electronically or automatically via email, ensuring faster payments and improved cash flow for your business. With Barrdega, you can maintain separate customer billing schedules for transactional and full/split-month storage billing, track all handling, assessorial, freight, and storage charges by customer, and create custom billing options tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

Client Access

Barrdega: Client Access allows your clients to effortlessly connect and gain immediate access to their inventory and order statuses, giving them complete visibility in real time. Our seamless integration with P4 Warehouse enables them to easily synchronize their ERP systems and effortlessly send orders directly, streamlining their operations and boosting efficiency.

Custom Packslips

When shipping orders for a 3PL client it is important the packslip has the 3PL client’s data and not the 3PL Provider. With P4 Warehouse we have you covered; we not only print the 3PL client data on the packslip but we also show their logo. 

3PL Invoicing (Billing) with P4 Warehouse 3PL Version

Service invoicing is like the financial heartbeat of a 3PL warehouse – it’s the process of charging clients for the valuable services provided. In simpler terms, it’s the way a 3PL warehouse gets paid for the storage, handling, and other logistics services they offer to businesses. Imagine you’re running a 3PL warehouse; service invoicing is how you communicate the costs associated with storing and managing someone else’s goods. It’s not just about getting paid; it’s a crucial part of maintaining a transparent and fair relationship with your clients. Invoices detail the services rendered, quantities stored, and any additional fees, ensuring that both parties have a clear understanding of the financial aspect of their partnership. Now, imagine if your 3PL warehouse had a powerful tool like P4 Warehouse, where 3PL invoicing is seamlessly integrated into the Warehouse Management System (WMS). P4 Warehouse’s 3PL Invoicing feature ensures that you can efficiently and accurately invoice for all your services, making the financial aspect of your operations as smooth as the logistics services you provide. This not only saves time but also enhances transparency and reliability in your financial transactions, strengthening the foundation of your client relationships.

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