More than 30 years of experience

Here we are in Pennsylvania replacing and updating existing infrastructure.

A beautiful, location in the winter.

In order to embark on a project, it is crucial to thoroughly explore and grasp the various factors associated with each facility. This process of investigation holds immense significance as it paves the way for a triumphant implementation.

The goals given to us were:

  • To have wifi throughout warehouse and office
  • Cameras mounted inside and out for safety and security purposes
  • Mount IDFs (Intermediate Distribution Racks)
  • Install multiple hardware cable drops

To achieve our clients’ goals, we carefully considered several factors. Some of these included the construction materials used for the building and offices, location of open space, density and obstructions, along with the dimensions of the space in terms of height, length, and width. Additionally, we considered the accessibility needed to maintain the new infrastructure and ensured the right size engineering. Lastly, we took into account future growth and expansion possibilities.

Here we start with our main cable runs using bridal rings and from there branch off to different devices. This way running future cables and finding existing cabling is much easier and cleaner.

Now the IDFs are mounted and connected. These are placed high but not so high that a lift with a basket can’t reach.

These are just the right size to fit a patch panel, a switch and a battery UPS.

Now this is our tried and true Wifi Access Points by Ruckus. The ease of setup, power, reliability, and stability make these a goto for these demanding environments. (Click for more Ruckus information)

Camera installation time. Some great views here!!

Getting close to the end. Main rack cleanup and full final testing.

***On this project Switches, Cameras, and NVR supplied by client***

Well here we are, another enjoyable, successful project. If you are ready to be the next, send us a message below.

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